Street Light Controller

Our microprocessor based Street Light Controller is an Energy Saving Device used to switch on/off the street lights at the pre-set time. This controller can save a lot of electricity by switching off street light at the proper time especially when the weather is not pleasant and hence the lights are not switched off at the right time or sometimes are kept on at all time.


The controller is very easy to use & control, robust and has been tested thoroughly in the field and in housed in a waterproof powder coated MS box.


Moreover, this controller customizable and is not limited to particular load or particular number of street lights. It can be used for controlling any number of lights by using a contractor of the power rating specific for the electrical load of those street lights.


There is a bypass option if one needs to bypass the controller and switch the lights on/off manually.

Technical Specifications: - Main Features: -
 Processor : 8-Bit FREESCALE Motorola Micro Controller
 Memory : 16K Flash
 Operating Speed : Up to 16 MHz
 Input voltage : 220v AC
 Power Consumption : 2 Watts
 Enclosure Box : MS Powder coated water IP65 rated
 Display : 4 Line LCD display
 Timing changes : The on/off times can be changed via a remote
 Visual Display : LCD display to show on/off times
 Operation : On Off times can be changed externally via remote control device
 Remote Operation : Optional GSM GPRS Control which can be used to switch lights over the internet and via SMS
 Bypass Function : Using an MCB the controller can be bypasses to allow manual operation.

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