GSM/GPRS Monitoring Unit

The GSM/GPRS monitoring unit is an optional add-on to the 32-Bit ARM based Traffic Signal Controller. On one hand, the GSM/GPRS monitoring unit independently monitors certain critical parameters of the Traffic Signal like

  • Operating voltage
  • Load current
  • Temperature
  • Presence of AC (Mains) voltage
  • Detection whether signal is working on Mains supply or Solar backup
  • Detection of partial / full failure of the signal post

And on the other hand it interfaces directly to the Traffic Signal Controller via serial communication enabling the monitoring and updating of parameters like:

  • Date and time of RTC
  • Cycle timings
  • Data log of traffic Signal Controller
  • Current status of TSC (i.e. whether the signal in Auto or Manual / Police control mode etc.)
  • Other parameters

All these parameters are updated to the central server by the GSM/GPRS monitoring unit which can be viewed / updated by the authorized users via a web based interface from any computer having an internet connection.


In case of any alarm event (like overload, absence of mains voltage for certain amount of time, failure in signal etc.), the system automatically sends alarm e-mails to pre-defined users so that corrective action may be taken. The access to web based interface is completely secured using user level passwords.

Block diagram of GPRS Monitoring Unit

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