When it comes to solar powered products, you want to make the right choice – to know that the products you select are well designed, well-engineered, and properly configured to meet the demands that will be placed on them. Simply put, you want to know that your system will work in your application and environment the way it was designed – for the long- term.


That’s why Luminelle should be your choice for all of your application. Luminelle has engineered and manufactured our systems to be the highest quality, most stable system available today. It represents a true breakthrough in solar technology.

« Technical Specifications: - « Other Specifications: -
 Solar Module type (If solar applied) : 1x37Wp
 Protection : High Voltage
 Battery : Exide 12V/17Ah
 Intensity : 8000-1000 MCD
 Color : Amber, Red & Green
 Autonomy : 36 hours
 Size of Aspect (inch) : 12 / 12
 Lamp Diameter (mm) : 300 / 30
 Pole Height : 4.5 meters
 Junction Box : Heavy Box MS box with Powder coating
 Material Used (Aspects) : Polycarbonate
 Material Used (Pole) : Mild Steel round pipe with 3 coat of waterproof paints
« Main Features « Application & Uses
 -) Assembled in any location.
 -) LED Beacons – Long life with Low Power consumption 8” or 10” .
 -) Virtually Maintenance Free Design.
 -) Complete System Packages with Poles.
 -) 10 Year Limited Warranty solar Modules.
 -) Long Life – Deep Cycle – Maintenance Batteries.
 -) MNRE Compliant Components.
 -) It's Operational Voltage are 12V D.C./24V D.C./220V A.C.
 -) Road Divider, Under-Construction sites & Police Barrier.
 -) Road side indication for construction activities.
 -)  Entry Gate for Important buildings.
 -) To reduce vehicle speeds and improve safety.
 -) It is used as advance warning signs.
 -)  It is used to alert drivers of an unexpected condition.

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